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Kobo IIKobo Deluxe

How to get it

If your platform/operating system is listed below, life is good. No special tools, magic or anything required. Just download and unzip, unpack, install or whatever is appropriate.

Other platforms (Source code)

If there are no binaries for your platform, you'll have to compile Kobo Deluxe from source. If this doesn't sound intimidating to you, grab one of the packages below. (You'll want the newest version, normally.) Then read on!

Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, you can check out the bleeding edge development version from SVN here:

Compiling Kobo Deluxe

At the very least, you'll need this:

  • SDL 1.2
  • SDL_image 1.2
  • Reasonably new C and C++ compiler(s) (GNU gcc is used for development)
  • An operating system (Gentoo Linux is used for development)

If you want to use the included build scripts, you'll also need GNU autotools;

  • Autoconf (2.61 or later recommended)
  • Automake (1.9.6 or later recommended)

You'll need OpenGL headers if you want to compile with OpenGL support. (Starting with 0.4.1, OpenGL is loaded dynamically, so to compile a binary that can use OpenGL where available, all you need is the headers.)

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